Install Babylon Dictionary glossary in Ubuntu

Todays every body know what’s babylon and some of windows users use this dictionary as their favorite dic .

now i want to learn you how do you use babylon glossary in ubuntu . it’s not hard !

for first you need to download Stardic dictionary in ubuntu .

when package downloaded , double click on it and install package using package manager .

Close the Stardict if it’s running .

then go to Babylon Glossary Page and download your favorite Glossary .

now you need to convert the bgl file ( bgl is the format of babylon glossary ) . to convert it you need a program call dictconv . type this commands in terminal :

wget -c

sudo dpkg -i dictconv_0.2-0~3v1ubuntu1_i386.deb

when you installed dictconv , you should convert bgl file 
with this command in terminal :
dictconv test.BGL -o test.ifo

the output of this command is three file : 

test.ifo , test.idx , test.dict 

now type this commands in terminal :
sudo apt-get install dictzip

dictzip test.dict
this will convert your test.dict file to .

now put these files to a folder same as test : 

test.ifo , test.idx ,

then you should copy the " test " folder to Stardict dictionary 
directory . to do it :
sudo cp -r test /usr/share/stardict/dicthat's all . now open 
Stardict again . 


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