Pros & Cons of Offshore testing

This is to discuss pros & cons of off-shore testing.

Let’s say your organization is based in UK with its core business in UK. Software development is mostly done in UK but the decision has been made to outsource software testing to India. Here is my list of pros & cons based on my experience:
  • Cost savings as the daily rate for a test resource in India is significantly lower than the UK equivalent
  • Willingness to work long hours and overtime in comparison to UK-based test resources (on average)
  • The culture of high ambition to succeed with the focus on education and learning


  • Remote location, i.e. lack of face-to-face interactions with developers, business and other project stakeholders, which is a big issue especially if your project or organization uses an agile approach to software development such as XP, Scrum or DSDM
  • Time-zone difference of several hours. This may result in a long defect turn-around because of the different working hours of testers and developers (defect identified in India but debugged & fixed in UK and then returned to India for confirmation & regression test)
  • Detachment from business and development may result in misunderstandings and mistakes (both technical and political)
  • Language and cultural barriers may sometimes result in ‘being quiet’, i.e. not asking questions when not sure about something because not wanting to be seen as they do not understand something with a fear of ‘losing face’. It is known that giving feedback freely to managers is culturally not so common in India as it is in the UK.

I am sure there are other pros and cons that I have forgotten to mention. Therefore, it would be great if you could add yours and share your view on the off-shore testing based on your experience.

In addition to just listing pros and cons, I wonder how would you mitigate the cons and, if possible, transfer them into opportunities.

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