Ubuntu: Install Zend Studio

Installing Zend Studio could be a bitch, so maybe this can be handy.

  • First, we create a directory and make we own it. Remember to change “username” into your username.

sudo mkdir /usr/local/Zend sudo chown username.username /usr/local/Zend

  • Second, download the tar.gz-file into your home directory, and extract it.

tar xvfz ZendStudio-5_5_0a.tar.gz

  • Third, do some magic.

cp ZendStudio-5_5_0a.bin ZendStudio-5_5_0a.bak cat ZendStudio-5_5_0a.bak | sed "s/export LD_ASSUME_KERNEL/#xport LD_ASSUME_KERNEL/" > ZendStudio-5_5_0a.bin rm ZendStudio-5_5_0a.bak

  • And now we can install Zend Studio


  • In the wizard choose “/usr/local/Zend/ZendStudio-5.5.0” as install directory, on the final step uncheck the “Run Zend Studio now”-checkbox.
  • Next, we will do some more magic.

cd /usr/local/Zend/ZendStudio-5.5.0/bin cp ZDE ZDE.bak cat ZDE.bak | sed "s/export LD_ASSUME_KERNEL/#xport LD_ASSUME_KERNEL/" > ZDE rm ZDE.bak

  • Now you can run Zend by typing following in the terminal.



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