Get Flash videos through Terminal

Download videos from various Flash-based video hosting sites, without having to use the Flash player. Handy for saving videos for watching offline, and means you don’t have to keep upgrading Flash for sites that insist on a newer version of the player.
Includes support for the following sites/players (and more!):

* YouTube, eHow, Brightcove (used by many sites like Channel 4, Daily Telegraph …), BBC (news, etc), Metacafe, 5min, Google, fliqz, nicovideo, vimeo, Blip, Break, Collegehumor, Muzu, Sevenload, Megavideo,

* Also includes a ‘generic’ method which works on many other sites.

You can check project home page

Install get-flash-videos in Ubuntu

Open the terminal and run the following commands , this installs it system-wide or download .deb package from here

sudo apt-get install libwww-mechanize-perl libxml-simple-perl


sudo dpkg -i get-flash-videos_1.21-1_all.deb

get-flash-videos Syntax

get_flash_videos url..

Usage Examples

  • Play a video (may prompt for filename still, override with -y):
  • get_flash_videos -p
  • Download a video (note quotes are required for URLs with special characters like ‘&’ in):
  • get_flash_videos “″
  • Play the URL on the clipboard (UNIX):
  • xclip -o | xargs get_flash_videos -y -p
  • Play the first video matching “Open Source”:
  • get_flash_videos -y -p Open Source
  • Install a plugin:
  • get_flash_videos –add-plugin



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