Adding Custom Shortcuts to Gnome

The motto with Linux is customization right? So lets customize the shortcuts in Gnome to make them do what we want them to do.

If you are looking for a list of default Gnome shortcuts check out, All the Best Linux Cheat Sheets.

First open up the gconf-editor


Then in gconf go to appsmetacitykeybinding_commands

You will see commands ranging from 1-12. These are your custom command aliases. Select one that is not in use. Lets say command_1

Then type in the command that you want ran.

No on the left side of gconf go to global_keybindings.

Find the corresponding run_command_ and double click.

In the value you will type in your shortcut for example, <Control><Alt>S

Now for this example Ctrl+Alt+s will open up the gnome-system-monitor.

Just remember to try out the shortcut before you override it. You probably don’t want to assign a shortcut to something that is already used for something more important. There are also some preset shortcuts you can set in SystemPreferencesKeyboard Shortcuts.


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