Gnome Sticky Notes Applet Minimizes When Clicked

Recently I started using Sticky Notes Gnome applet for reminding myself for certain tasks. Before that I used to use Tomboy Notes which has some nice features too but it is somewhat inclined to use as a Notes database and not as a Sticky Notes app. I also tried XPad which is very much like Sticky Notes but I prefer the feel of this Gnome Sticky Notes applet.

Sticky Notes applet has only one problem when used with Compiz engine – It gets minimized automatically whenever you click in empty space on desktop, which kind of beats the purpose of the application that is it should always be stuck to desktop. Luckily I found a workaround for the problem. It is applicable only for Compiz Desktop Effects are turned on. For Normal Metacity decorations, Sticky Notes behaves as it should.

If you wish to have Sticky Notes always stuck to the desktop :
1. Open CompizConfig Settings Manager from System > Preferences.
2. Enable the plugin Window Rules.
3. In “Skip Taskbar“, “Skip Pager“, “Non minimizable windows” fields, addclass=Stickynotes_applet“.

Skip taskbar – Hides application window from taskbar. Skip pager – Removes the window from pager, alt+tab windows selection. Probably you need this option. The last option “Non minimizable window” is the real workaround for the problem which restricts minimization of Sticky Notes.

You can’t minimize Sticky Notes any more by clicking on applet. To minimize notes, toggle desktop by pressing “Ctrl+Alt+D“. If you are one of those who want to have notes always on desktop even if “Ctrl+Alt+D” is pressed:
1. In general settings of CCSM, untick “Hide Skip Taskbar Windows” which minimizes windows which are not shown in taskbar.

I would love to hear if you know any better Sticky Notes like application for Gnome.


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