How to make Ubuntu 10.04 faster

Is your system upto the 10 sec boot time all talk about? In my earlier post I said about speeding up your boot time with profiling. This is a post combining all of the things I have done to make my system faster. Here are the things I have done.

1. Auto Login :- If you only have one user in your system you will like to consider auto login option. To enable go to “system => administration => Login screen”

Hit the unlock button and type in your password. Choose your user name in the “log in as ***** automatically”

Also uncheck “allow 10 seconds for anyone else to log in first” that’s it for that.

2. Startup Applications:- Choose which application you want to startup along with Ubuntu. Go to “System => Preferences => Startup Applications” then uncheck what you do not need.
Here is what I unchecked,
Bluetooth manager=no bluetooth for me so I don’t need it starting up
Check for new hardware drivers = how many times am I going to change something to the inside of my computer? then if I add something new like a wireless device then I would go there anyways because its located in administration.
Print queue applet =you guessed it, I dont have a printer
Update notifier =…..nothing witty to say here I just check for updates myself when I want to.
Evolution Alarm Notifier= I dont use Evolution and I dont need Evolution alarms.
Remote Desktop=I dont have a remote desktop
Ubuntu one= not using so no need to start it up
Visual assistance = I can see fine, thanks anyways.
And that’s all I unchecked. You may need all of those on, so do what you need to do.

3.Boot-up Manager:- BUM is a very handy utility for starting and stopping boot-up scripts. Once installed it will appear in the System -> Administration menu. To install open terminal and type sudo apt-get install bum. I dont think you will need any explanation on using this because it has description of the services. Uncheck the services you don’t need according to will. For reference here are somethings I disabled, I disabled saned, an API library for scanners. Kernel oops tracker, it tracks and sends kernel problems to ubuntu, I dont think I need that.

4. Disable Eyecandy’s:-If you have compiz enabled then disable it to speed up your boot and use less ram. compiz is nice and all but adds around 20 seconds to the boot, at least for me.

1. At your boot screen press “e” (for edit).
2. Use your arrow key and move down to the entry beginning with “kernel”.
3. Press “e” again.
4. Add “profile” (no quotes) at the end of this line.
5. Hit Enter.
6. Click “b” (for boot).

The firs time you boot with profile it will take a little longer. What this is doing is profiling your boot process so it knows what files are accessed and then sorts them according to how they are stored on your drive. Your next boot should be considerably faster.

and finally
6. Disable Floppy Drive in your Bios:- Enter your bios and disable floppy drive. I dont think anyone uses Floppy drives anymore. If you don’t know to edit bios please let someone else do it for you rather that screwing your machine.

This will most probably make your Ubuntu system much snappier.


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