Set up Gmail in Evolution, Gnome’s Mail Client and Organizer

In Gmail POP can be enabled , and here is how to set it up for Evolution.

  • Login to your gmail account and select Forwarding and POP.

Enable pop and set pop up in the way you prefer. (At least make sure pop is enabled.)

  • Open evolution:

Select Edit > Preferences > Mail Accounts
Select the Add Button > (Evolution Assistant Account starts.


If you use evolution for the first time this is where you begin.

  • Identity

Evolution Account assistant Identity

  • Receiving email:

Evolution Account Receiving Email
Server type: POP
Security > Drop-down menu > select SSL connection
Authenthication Type: password
Flag remember password if you wish
Select ok

  • Receiving Options

Evolution Account Assistant Receiving Options

Are all optional, fill in as you please.
Select Forward

  • Sending Email:

Can be done in 2 ways:

  • 1, Fill it in using The SMTP server information provided by your ISP, I think this is the best way, the send mail gets no advertising added.

screenshot-evolution-account-assistant Sending Email with your  ISP's SMTP server

  • 2, Use the SMTP server provided by Gmail:

screenshot-evolution-account-Use SMTP provided By GmailServertype: SMTP
Flag: server requires authentication
Use Secure Connection: SSL
Fill in Username: username@
Select OK

Now restart Evolution and see if it all works.

For more instructions (if needed) go to Gmail help Center


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