How to join and split files under Linux / Ubuntu

I am sure you have seen files which ends like 001 002 003.You are using HJsplit or different softwares to join/split them.But do you know how to split or join a file under linux/ubuntu ?

Here is a couple of methods for you :


you can use cat command or download lxsplit.

Go to your folder which contains splitted files and then run this command (Don’t forget to change the filename :

$cat file.avi.001 > file.avi 


Download lxsplit (there is also a deb file 😉 ) , go to the your folder and give :

$lxsplit -j file.avi.001


Let’s split our files to 99M each with lxsplit :

$lxsplit -s file.avi 99M

yes it is ready to upload to any file host you want or do what ever you want : )

PS : There is also HJsplit for linux but lxsplit is way better than HJsplit


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