10 Tips for a better contribution in the Community

From the moment you decided to participate actively in the Ubuntu Community, I have noticed some problems in deciding how best to help the community, so learning from my mistakes and based on post Pete Savage , here I leave my 10 tips on how to best contribute to a community.

So let’s get to it:

1. Be realistic.
Do not try to embrace the world and participate in all projects. You can not help on all projects because they do not have time available for all or your help will be almost negligible or would simply derail the projects. Choose one or two projects that arouse your interest and you can manage your time to really help with the projects.

2. Make time for your family and friends.
If you can not take time for people important to you, how could he have time for a project? Devote himself exclusively to one project can be laudable, but it is not healthy, you need to better manage your time and attention to people around you, join a project should be something pleasurable and a source of pride, not the motive for you to lose your family or friends.

3. Nevertheless, Keep your family informed.
If you need to dedicate some extra hours to a project, you need to attend an urgent meeting, try to warn your family / friends in advance … Nothing is more frustrating than planning an entire trip, lunch, party and be warned only hours before you will no longer participate.

4. Organize your time.
This could be an easy task, but I know many people who perform this task.
Without a plan of what you have to do, you will have less time to devote to projects that you consider important. I ask myself several times because the day has only 24 and I always need more.
I bet you’ve ever wondered: “How this guy find time to do all this?? I never have time! ”

5. Reduce the time spent in rooms IRC / Forums / mailing list / Programs Chat.
IRC and all communications programs are great, mailing lists and Forums tb, but when they start to take most of their time and not let you stay focused on your project it becomes a problem. Schedule times to talk to your friends, meet new people, discuss with a technical group, but always do this at a time that its concentration in the project is an important point.

6. Do something creative
There is something more relaxing and enjoyable than creating something new. All of us are creative by nature, so if you play an instrument, create a new music, if you like paint, paint a new picture. All this will help keep you relaxed and more productive.

7. Delegate tasks and ask for help.
You should not and can not solve everything alone so that there is a community where you need help, have a nuvida ask, nobody has any knowledge of the world, do not spend all the time in your day trying to solve a problem would solve itself when in a moment simply by asking someone. Remember that we learn from the experience as much as our others. And do not accrue tasks, do not try to do everything yourself … Ask for help!

8. Remember: You are a volunteer!
Nobody will force you to do a job. You are your own boss, a volunteer. We must remember that we are all contributing something, but are not obligated to spend all our time on projects, and volunteers are responsible, everyone must understand this. His personal life also needs care.

9. Sleep well, eat well and exercise.
Sleep is important, but often spend the night to do a thorough job well done and highly enjoyable it may seem, you must remember to take care of your health is the most important of his projects, sleep well, healthy and regular feedings and exercise will keep your energy, sense of humor and mental health and body at an optimum level to contribute and help a community.

10. Be prepared to receive criticism.
The most important of all. A community can stop for lack of contributors / volunteers, I have seen many projects to sink because of criticism directed not only to the project, but for people involved in the project. Whenever someone has an opinion about something that is quite different from his own opinion, so be prepared to learn to take advantage of the best reviews and discard those you do not get something podrá income. Understand that no one owns the truth and that a thorough analysis of the critics can show where you are wrong and maybe how to correct the error.
In criticizing something, try to expose the best way possible, without offending, being clear and patient. Many forget that already were beginning a day and who like to be respected.

If you can follow these 10 tips, for sure will have a better advantage, not only helping comunidad, but himself.
If you can follow what you consider most important, get an improvement.
If someone does not apply to you, create your own tips …